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Single-Ply Reacts Well to Thermocycling

Thermocycling is the process where a material will expand or contract due to shifts in temperature changes. This can be devastating to a roof. Our installed single-ply roofing systems use thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) which is a rubberized plastic specifically designed to expand and contract without damaging the material. Our materials also have good emissivity which allows heat to dissipate effectively and efficiently.



Single-Ply Membrane Roofing - Not Just Good for Leaks

Traditional single-ply roofing material is a dark black color and black roofs have been shown to run hotter and hold heat longer than a bright white roof. But we use bright white single-ply material from American WeatherStar. This material is tough stuff that seals itself and the substrate not only from unwanted moisture, but also protects it from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays by reflecting the sun away from the building, instead of allowing it to be absorbed by the building.

The Benefits of Using Single-Ply Cool Roof

A building will also benefit from a cool roof by the reduced heat gain. Reduced heat gain means to lower energy bills and minimal wear and tear on mechanical systems. Longer life and less repair is required for the roof and the building's climate control systems. With a cool roof, the building owner gets:

Single-Ply Cool Roofing• Improved Thermal Efficiency

• More Comfortable Interior

• Less Energy Consumption

• More Manageable Utility Costs

• Less Mechanical Systems Stress and Longer Equipment Life Spans

• Greater Reflectivity

• Excellent Thermal Emittance

• Reduced Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The image below shows a cool roof during installation over a traditional black roof, and as you can see in the infrared image on the right, parts of the roof covered in the new cool white roofing material are running as cool as the greenery, but the raw black roof portions are measuring as hot as paved roads.


Don't Forget the Warranty!

We are pleased to offer long term manufacturer's backed warranties on almost every roofing system we install. As an approved dealer and installer of American WeatherStar roofing products,we are able to give our customers the power of a long term roof warranty backed by the manufacturer. It doesn't get any better than this for a building owner or facility manager. The choice is simple - Innovative Construction Pros seals, protects, and saves you money!



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