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Industrial Roof Coatings Face Greater Demands for Chemical and Corrosive Resistance.

There are many different types of commercial roofs, and the kind you need depends on the job that building is most frequently utilized for. Roof systems with a lot of vents or exhausts, such as those seen in manufacturing facilities and hospitals, require a significant amount of protection. For industrial buildings, specially designed industrial roof materials are utilized to provide longevity, in addition to adequate protection from the elements. Industrial roofs should be restored when they begin to show signs of age, but they will still require special industrial roof materials. If you are interested in learning more about industrial roof coatings in Auburn and Montgomery, AL, contact Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC today at 855-529-7663 to begin.

Industrial Roof Coating Services

When it comes time to choose the coating for a facility, it isn’t uncommon for customers to ask us what the difference is between commercial and industrial roof coatings. In a nutshell, industrial roof coatings are created to be much more durable than regular commercial roof coatings, simply because industrial coatings are exposed to more potential harm. Because of this, industrial roof coating materials have to be particularly durable to withstand those elements.

We also ensure that the coatings are particularly flexible so that they can fit all of the seams and protrusions from the rooftop. Just about any object that protrudes through the roof top presents a potential leak, but the right coating will offer total protection regardless. Industrial roof coatings are very efficient, and will effortlessly protect your roof while allowing you to get an additional 10 years out of its longevity.

Hospital Complex

Hospitals and Other Healthcare Facilities Can Benefit From the Better Leak Protection.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

All sorts of businesses can benefit from industrial coatings, including agricultural companies, hospitals, apartments, hotels, shopping centers and large offices. Churches can also get more out of their roofing systems. When it’s time to fix regular issues on your industrial roof without purchasing an entirely new roof, your best bet might be to go with an industrial roof coating. Roof coatings easily apply over your current roof, which means you don’t have to pay to have your current roof taken off or hauled away, but you will still get the roofing protection you want. Order the industrial roof coatings in Auburn and Montgomery, AL that you’re looking for from our experts. Contact our trained industrial roof contractors now at 855-529-7663 to learn more!