Flat System Roofing Contractors in Georgia

Torch Down Roofing

Commercial Roofing is Detail-Driven Work That Requires an Experienced Team of Professionals.

Searching for trusted, experienced roofing contractors in Georgia? Come to Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC. If your company requires repairs, restoration, or complete roof replacement, our team is standing by to provide your service. For over 20 years, our team at Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC has supplied beautiful craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials. For more information about our services, contact our knowledgeable team at 855-529-7663 and ask for a quote from our roofing contractors in Georgia.

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Flat Commercial Roofing


Installation & Repairs for Flat Commercial Roofing

Modified Bitumen

Our Roofing Contractors Install All Sorts of Materials, Including Puncture Resistant Modified Bitumen.

We’ll service any kind of commercial roofing, from traditional flat systems to standing seam metal roofs. Do you need a new rooftop to replace your aging system? Marvelous! We’ll help you find the material that best suits your building and provides you with the best energy-efficiency for your budget. Are you wanting to repair your modified bitumen roof? Our experienced inspector will sort through the damage and offer you the best solutions for your budget. Ready to get the ball rolling? Call 855-529-7663 to schedule your inspection and get a free quote from one of our roofing contractors in Georgia.

  • Modified Bitumen Resistant to tearing and punctures, modified bitumen offers a powerful shield against weather damage.
  • Built Up Roofing Have your built up roofing installed by an experienced team of roofing professionals.
  • TPO Roofing If you’re looking for an energy-saving roofing material that’s very affordable, try TPO roofing.
  • EPDM Systems EPDM provides excellent flexibility and durable protection, so be sure to ask our roofing experts about it.
  • PVC Roofs You’ll find sturdy protection at a cost-effective price with PVC roofs, just make sure yours is installed by the experts.
  • Vulcanized Rubber For impeccable waterproofing protection, talk to our enterprise roofing experts about a vulcanized rubber roof.
  • Foam Roofing If you need a roof fast but you also want a roof that conserves energy, a foam roof could be perfect for your business.
  • Cool (Reflective) Roofing Cool roofing allows your business to cut down on energy costs by using materials that reflect high percentages of sunlight.

Commercial Restoration


Coating a Roof

Coatings Can Mend Small Fissures, Holes and Cracks That Form in Your Roofing System.

Because our goal is to provide affordable service for your business, Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC also provides restoration services to mend and strengthen your existing roof structure. After having their roof restored, many of our clients see incredible daily energy savings and renewed functionality. If you’re torn between repairs, replacement, and restoration, we can perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system and take out all the guesswork. Need options for your company? Contact our team at 855-529-7663 and speak with our roofing contractors in Georgia.

  • Silicone Roofing Heal small cracks and holes with our durable silicone coating.
  • Acrylic Coatings Known for their highly reflective capability, acrylics provide excellent light reflection.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating If you choose polyurea coatings for your company, you’ll enjoy better waterproofing protection and fast installation.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration Avoid premature roof replacement and potentially save thousands by getting a roof restoration.
  • Elastomeric Roofing Talk to our coating experts about our elastomeric roofing options, and see how your business can start saving.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic By fusing together the features of acrylic and urethane coatings, our roofers achieve a stronger protective product.