Roofer in Pilot Point, TX

roofing companyIf you’re in need of an expert roofing specialist in Pilot Point, TX, Innovative Construction Pros is the name to remember. Our roofing specialists take pride in offering comprehensive services throughout the city and surrounding areas. We’re able to remedy all sorts of roofing troubles, from the tiniest leaks to entire roof overhauls! Not only do we service the roofs of homes, but we can fix troubles with commercial roofs also. So when you find yourself with a concern or are in need of dependable roofing repairs and services in Pilot Point, TX, don’t wait to give us a call at (214) 504-2709.

Your Commercial Roofing Company

When it comes to roofing repairs and services, we offer the best in town! If you don’t happen to locate the service that you’re seeking on our list above, please feel free to give us a call at (214) 504-2709. Our roofing professionals are here to answer any roofing inquiries that you may have. The roofing repairs that we handle include:

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing If you are looking for an affordable and reliable residential roof system, shingle is a great place to start.
  • Residential Roof Repair  No matter what kind of damage your roof sustains, our team of experts can help.
  • Residential Roof Installation  An affordable and reliable new roof installation for your home is just a phone call away!
  • Roof Storm Damage  Call our experienced team for insurance claims assistance and speedy roof storm damage repairs today!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

  • Built Up Roofing Upgrade your commercial roof with a built up roofing solution.
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing For an affordable and traditional commercial roofing style, check out our modified bitumen.
  • Commercial Roof Repair If your commercial roof is damaged, and you need repairs fast, give us a call at (214) 504-2709 to get started!
  • Commercial Roof Installation Call us today to get a quote for your fast and cost-effective commercial roof installation.
  • Flat Roofing We can cater to your needs and budget with our wide selection of flat roofing options.
  • Roof Coatings Roof coatings are a great way to improve your existing roof for an affordable price.

Single Ply Membranes

  • TPO TPO is reliable, affordable, and easy to apply to most commercial buildings.
  • PVC PVC roofs are the top of the line option in single ply roof membranes.
  • EPDM Often preferred for its seamless materials, EPDM is reliable and very affordable.

Additional Services

Metal Roofing

  • Corrugated Corrugated metal roof panels can be used for commercial or residential needs.
  • Commercial Metal roofs for commercial buildings can come with many benefits, including lowered insurance rates.
  • Residential Residential metal roofs are reliable, dependable, and save you money in the long run.

Storm Damages

  • Insurance Claims We can help you with your roof insurance claim, to ensure you get your full settlement.
  • Wind Damage Wind can rip off parts of your roofing, which can cause leaks and failure.
  • Hail Damage Shingles are vulnerable to punctures from hail which can cause leaks later on.
  • Roof Inspections Small damages can go from bad to worse very quickly without regular roof inspections.

Why Choose Us?

roofing company Innovative Construction Pros strives to render you with top notch roofing repairs and services in Pilot Point, TX. Not only that, we want to ensure that the whole process is as worry free as possible. After we’ve completed a full inspection, we discuss our findings and recommendations with you, and get to work as soon as your schedule allows us to. Every single person that we provide repairs or installations to deserves nothing less than the absolute best. Whether you have a residential or commercial roof that’s in need of elite servicing, we have you covered. Your total satisfaction is what we want to make sure of. In the end, if you you are not happy, we are not done. Innovative Construction Pros is the one name you need to remember when you are looking for a roofing company in Pilot Point, TX. Don’t hesitate in giving us a ring at (214) 504-2709.