Commercial Corrugated Roof Installation

Corrugated Metal Was Popularized on Farms, Where it Was Exposed to Intense Weather.

If you’re looking for a resilient roofing option, ask us about our affordable commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Auburn and Montgomery, AL. The singular metal roofing style that is nearly as popular as corrugated metal is the standing seam, which is also utilized for a variety of commercial buildings. Our metal roof experts are available at 855-529-7663 if you’re interested in learning more, or requesting a quote!

Types Of Corrugated Metal Roofs

Though there are several different corrugated roofing options at your disposal, R panel and U panel systems are generally the most popular. They appear very different from one another, in terms of style, but both options provide unwavering protection. In terms of minimal maintenance roofing, R panel roofs are one of the best, as well as extra strong. These panels can be installed directly over some existing metal roofing varieties, and have been known to last for over 50 years in good conditions.

Most metal roofs are made with 29 gauge panels, but U panel roofs generally have 26. Due to their aesthetic appeal, the panels remain the number one option for business buildings, and their glossy finish can aid in improved energy efficiency. These can additionally be installed directly over a current roof, which makes installation just as basic. Damages are uncommon on these roofs, but when damages do occur, corrugated metal roof repair is speedy as well as affordable.

Blue Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal is Quite Durable, Offering Sturdy Protection from Weather Dangers.

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Up until recently, corrugated metal was generally only used for barns or sheds, but thanks to modern advancements, corrugated metal panels can serve a wide variety of roofing types. When you’re ready to invest in a new roof solution, you know that metal roofing offers the resiliency as well as the energy efficiency you need. As far as style is concerned, it’s essential to be aware that metal is one of the most beautiful roofing materials, no matter which variety. The metal corrugated roofing specialists at Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC are here to answer any questions that you may have in regards metal roofs. To receive a quote for your commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Auburn and Montgomery, AL, do not hesitate to give us a call ASAP at 855-529-7663!