Flat Roof Leak Detection and Survey Services

Leaks Forming by Skylight

Flat Roofing is Particularly Vulnerable to Ponding Water and Roof Leaks.

Are you concerned that your flat roof system is displaying signs of leaks or other disrepair? Among the many issues, you’ll encounter from a moisture leak is mold growth and potential structural damages. It’s often challenging, however, to locate trickier leaks on flat roofing solutions.

At Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC, we offer fast as well as budget-friendly flat roof leak detection in Auburn and Montgomery, AL and the nearby communities. We are able to swiftly pinpoint the source of flat roofing leaks through the use of infrared roof leak detection techniques, and once we have located it, we offer cost-effective repairs too. No matter what roofing services you require, our experts are waiting at 855-529-7663 to take your call and schedule an inspection!

Flat Roof Leaks

It is pretty common for flat roof leaks to happen, as most building owners fall behind on the critical maintenance procedures flat roof systems need. At the earliest sign of a roof leak, it is critical to request repairs immediately, before the leak causes further problems. Because leaks can get bigger so quickly, they do have the capacity to damage the building’s structure if they are not fixed. Within the roofing industry, the infrared roof leak detection technique is recognized as the fastest way to find flat roof leaks. With this technique, contractors are able to scan the whole roof for areas that are broken or weakened. Follow the links below to learn more about our leak detection services.

  • Infrared Moisture Inspection One of the fastest ways to detect leaks, infrared moisture scanning helps our team quickly repair your roof damage.
  • Thermal Imaging Service Thermal imaging uses differences in heat to quickly detect damages sections of your roof.
Stained Section

Once You Spot a Leak, it’s Important to Have it Fixed as Soon as Possible.

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Damages are not always completely avoidable, but our leak fixing service can mitigate them by spotting and addressing them early on. Our flat roof leak detection options are cost-effective and designed to supply you with the speedy assistance you want. Don’t allow your roofing to get to the brink of failure prior to calling for repairs! Call our team at 855-529-7663 for a quote. We specialize in flat roof leak detection in Auburn and Montgomery, AL, and we look forward to serving your project. Repairs can start as soon as the leak’s origin has been found. Make sure your roof is in good condition with our professional flat roof leak survey options!