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If you're responsible for a commercial structure, you've probably had to work with a flat or low-slope roof, and the difficulties they can present. If you work under a flat roof system, you've likely run into problems such as pooling water, or even fungus or mildew development. In order to deal with small repairs quickly, and to avoid expensive, significant repairs later on, be sure to schedule regular commercial roofing inspections! For cost-effective and speedy flat roof repair in Montgomery, AL, contact our roofing professionals at Innovative Construction Pros! With years of experience providing this community with flat roofing services, we offer fast and expert flat roof solutions to our customers.

Does Your Flat Roof Require Repairs?

In order to optimally take care of your commercial building, you should know what kind of flat roof you have, and what your other choices are. Since commercial flat roof systems are so common, you have a wide selection of flat roof types to choose from, including modified bitumen, PVC, rubber roofing, and others! The kind of flat roof you have will determine what specific problems you need to be on the look-out for, and what damages your roof is most susceptible to, but there are a few universal issues that will be found on almost every flat roof type. The most common causes for damages that require flat roof repair are issues started by standing or pooling water, and the buildup of debris and moisture, which is often a byproduct of an improperly installed or failing flat roof system. Call (334) 274-8485, and we can help you find problems such as water ponding, with our flat roof repair solutions by Innovative Construction Pros!

  • TPO TPO is one of the most commonly used single ply roof membranes and provides additional energy efficiency.
  • EPDM EPDM roofing is also known as rubber roofing and is affordable and effective for large-scale projects.
  • PVC PVC is considered the best single ply roof membrane available on the market and has heat welded seams for additional leak protection.
  • Vulcanized Rubber Vulcanized rubber roofing provides incredible waterproof protection through the use of heat sealing technology.

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Flat Roofing

Which Type Of Roof Membrane Is Best For Your Building?

No matter what kind of issues you are noticing with your flat roofing, our roofing experts have the supplies and the expertise to provide your building with the best solution for your needs and budget. From simple roof cleaning to eliminating chances for mildew and mold growth, to complete flat roofing replacement solutions, our roof contractors are prepared for every challenge. Our business has been serving our community for years by providing flat roof repair Auburn and Montgomery, AL can count on! If you require assistance with your commercial flat roofing, contact (334) 274-8485 for the roof professionals you can rely on to do the job correctly, and at a great price, Innovative Construction Pros!