Modified Bitumen Roof Repairs

Modified Bitumen Installaiton

Is Modified Bitumen Roofing Right for Your Commercial Building?

If you are a commercial building owner living in Auburn and Montgomery, AL and are in need of modified bitumen roof work such as installations, renovations, or upkeep, the roofers at Innovative Construction Pros are here to help. Since the 1970’s, this roof has been covering many office buildings throughout the United States with slanted or fixed roofs, providing lasting protection.

There are 2 types of modified bitumen roofing, APP, and SBS, and our licensed roofers are able to install, renovate, and sustain these roofs, guaranteeing we are able to take care of any of our customers. Modified bitumen roofs are inexpensive, sturdy, and can provide years of security for commercial structures, making them a very excellent choice for owners who want to secure their building and the people inside. Our roof company is ready to work with you to get you a better functioning roof, so contact us now at (334) 274-8485 for modified bitumen roofing in Auburn and Montgomery, AL for a fantastic roofing system for business buildings.

Excellent Modified Bitumen Roof Aspects

Highly Cost-Effective: Commercial roofing represents a big expenditure, especially as buildings become more expensive. If you desire a durable, economical option, modified bitumen should represent your best bet. This established roofing material has unbeatable value for the investment.

Durability: Little service is needed for modified bitumen roofs, as their resilience protects against general wear and tear. As a matter of fact, these roofs can offer value and sturdiness for approximately 20 years before you should ponder restoration or replacement.

Adaptability: Talented roofers can prepared modified bitumen for a massive range of structural types and locales. We will change this roofing system to satisfy the necessities of installation, or serve clients' wishes for a finished style.

Resilience: Different roofing can be susceptible to tears and punctures, especially when they get older. These kinds of concerns do not apply so readily to modified bitumen, because of its strength. If you worry about damage from hailstorms, then modified bitumen stands as an excellent roofing option.

For the service, repair, and application of modified bitumen roofing in Montgomery, AL, go with the crew at Innovative Construction Pros. For inquiries and requests for service, phone us now at (334) 274-8485.

Call Us for Modified Bitumen Roofs

With Innovative Construction Pros, you are able to trust that our roofing contractors will assemble your modified bitumen roof properly the first time, resulting in a greater roofing longevity and performance. Roof services like installations, upkeep, and renovations could supply business buildings with more long-standing security, and our roofers can accomplish this with our outstanding workmanship. We are devoted to ensuring that all of our roof services are done effectively and we are able to guarantee this by appointing experienced roofers and utilizing innovative materials and tools.

Modified Bitumen Roof Installaiton

Modified Bitumen is an Excellent Choice for Flat Roofing Systems with its Versatile Protection.

For incredible modified bitumen roofs like assembling, renovations, and upkeep, you are able to contact the licensed roofing contractors at Innovative Construction Pros to help you. If you are interested in our other commercial roofing options, such as built up roofing, we can help you with that as well! We are available to turn your existing roof into a stronger functioning roofing system with modified bitumen roofing installation in Auburn and Montgomery, AL. All you need to get started is to call (334) 274-8485 to set up a consultation with one of our roofers.