Dealing with Roof Leaks

Water has a way of making its way almost anywhere. Even a seemingly strong roof can be susceptible to leaks. While plenty of roof leaks are easy to repair, knowing they’re there and finding them are not always easy. Here are some of the common sources of leaks, plus how to deal with them.

The Sources of Roof Leaks

Attic with Insulation

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There are too many possible roof leak sources to list here. But, you can still learn the more common leak causes so that you know how to watch for them. You can then use the process of elimination if you find yourself with a roof leak. The following are just some of the potential roof leak sources:

Shingles: You may not notice when you have a cracked or loose shingle. It’s not something you can see from the ground, which is why your roof needs a professional inspection. A loose or cracked shingle will leak water into your roof.

Ventilation: Ventilation of your roof and attic is essential. It prevents moisture buildup as a result of temperature fluctuations. If you don’t have good ventilation and insulation, you could end up with moisture that leaks from the roof to the attic, and into your home.

Gutters: Cleaning gutters isn’t just an annoying chore meant to keep your roof edge looking nice. It’s a chore that must be done to prevent gutter and roof damage, and roof leaks. Keep those gutters clean; make the job a habit.

There are any number of things that can leave you dealing with roof leaks. Avoid it as much as possible by letting professional roofers inspect your roof. If you do come across roof damage, trust the roofing services of Innovative Construction Pros. Call 855-529-7663 for roofers in Montgomery, AL.