The Main Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial Roof Damages

Here are Some of the Most Common Causes of Commercial Damage. Is Your Business at Risk?

If you are a commercial building owner, we don’t have to explain to you just how much work goes into taking care of a large property like that. In fact, you’re likely no stranger to unexpected damages, or inconvenient leaks and cracks throughout your facility from time to time. As local commercial roofers, we work hand in hand with plenty of small and large local building owners for their roofing solutions. Today we will discuss 3 of the most frequent reasons we are called to repair commercial roof damages.

Lack of Maintenance

The number one cause of premature roof damages and replacement is a lack of maintenance. Many building owners are so caught up in the daily requirements of their busy businesses they forget to schedule the essential annual maintenance their roof systems need. The amount of maintenance your roof will need will vary depending on what material your roof is made from, along with how old it is. Common roof types such as EPDM and modified bitumen should be maintained once or even twice a year to keep them in top shop. Metal roofs on the other hand, require very little maintenance.


A big reason maintenance matters is because during maintenance, we can remove debris from your roof top. Debris on your roof causes additional wear and tear to your roof that can lead to major damages. Debris can even trap water on the surface of your roof, leading to mold, mildew, and even rot.

Ponding Water

Something else that can be spotted and stopped during maintenance is water ponding on the surface of the roof. If any area of your roof has started to sag, or is no longer draining properly, water can pool in those areas. This pooling water rapidly ages your roof, and will eventually lead to leaks.

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