Tile Roofing

Clay Tiles

Tile Requires Careful Installation. With Expert Care, Your Roof Will Last for Many Decades.

The owners of a residence should gain plenty of benefits from tile roofing. Visual impact aside, tile roofs support owners with decades of security and hardiness. Auburn and Montgomery, AL have a lone expert when it comes to tile roofs: Innovative Construction Pros. Remember our company for tile roof needs including total installation, repairs, and maintenance.

A key component of Spanish-style architecture, clay tiles work well across a broad variety of houses. Concrete or slate tiles can offer even better longevity, and present an aesthetically striking selection for homeowners to think about. If you have become interested in tile roof installation for Auburn and Montgomery, AL, give Innovative Construction Pros a call today at (334) 274-8485.

Tile Roofing Positives.

Across home roofing, tile has offered a steadily high-will need option. The reason? Tile roofs supply both beauty and durability. A clarification of some advantages may help you decide whether to invest in tile roofing for your own house.

Long-Term Performance: Compared to materials such as asphalt shingles, tile offers much longer longevity. With correct care, the lifespan of tile roofing can extend from sixty to one hundred years. Modern roof tiles are useful in almost every climate, but their unbeatable hurricane protection makes them an excellent choice for homes by the ocean.

Aesthetic Choices: Roof tiles is available in an extensive variety of style options for you to decide from, particularly if you are open to concrete roof tiles. With such versatile roofing tiles, you're bound to find your ideal style in no time.

Tile Roofing

Tile Offers Impressive Durability, But Most People Choose Tile for its Lovely Appearance.

Weather-Resistant: An additional positive of tiles comes from their exceptional level of resistance to storms and extreme winds. A well-installed tile roof will withstand wind of up to 150 mph. The lengthy durability of a tile roof installation conserves cash over the decades, as owners of the residence spend less on regular maintenance.

Color Maintenance: It is common for several types of roofs to appear dingy way before their usefulness comes to an end. Color based in all-natural sources like iron oxides or the clay blend supply the color for tile roofs. Persistent coloring on your roofing happens thanks to the tiles’ imbued vibrancy and will keep your home looking sharp.

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