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New roofs can be a big purchase, so it is critical to meticulously consider all of the choices you have, since your decisions can have a long-term effect on your house's property value. Cost will also merit consideration, as the cost for certain roofing materials can differ widely. The way your roof looks, as well as complements your personal style is also very important, so make sure you choose a style that you like! Innovative Construction Pros stands as a strong leader for roofing installation in McKinney, TX. When the time comes, contact us at 214-504-2185 to choose an improved roof for your house.

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A wealth of roof materials may render it difficult for the eventual buyer to pick. The types of roofs a person chooses from each have their own merits and minuses.


Residential Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofs Are Great For Residential Services.

Asphalt Shingles: Durability and economy lend the rationale for asphalt shingles’ widespread use. Extra benefits include a huge variety of colors and styles, applicability for most climates, and simple installation needs. Most asphalt shingle roofing systems last for around two decades. As for disadvantages, this span of effectiveness appears at the outside margin for other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles will also discolor as they get older.

Slate and Tile: Slate and ceramic tiles can look exquisite on certain varieties of homes. Characteristics of slate include a life expectancy of up to 100 years, high resistance to fire, and an all-natural appearance. The lifespan for ceramic tiles can reach to seven decades, and they also present a high resistance to flames. A highly involved install process, along with its weighty nature, present a pair of drawbacks to slate. Ceramic tiles are only proper for certain climates, and will break if trod upon.

Metal Roofs: In addition to impressive longevity, metal roofs install fast due to their rendering in pre-sized sheets. Metal roofs also need little to no maintenance, and are lighter in weight. Two drawbacks for metal roofs include a loss of shine with the passage of the years, and the requirement for an skilled roofing specialist for installation.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: Most of the upside here arrive from an attractive, natural visual style and eco-friendly status. These roofs can have no competitors when one considers environmental friendliness, assuming they’ve been collected sustainably or created from re-purposed wood. As for drawbacks, these roofs are not cheap and need regular service.

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Innovative Construction Pros provides matchless service and expertise for roof installation in McKinney, TX. With our team, you can rest easy in the awareness that expert roofers will perform a flawless install for any roof you select. Phone us today at 214-504-2185 to schedule work or ask any questions about materials.