Emergency Roof Repairs

Collapsed Tree

If Extreme Wind and Rain Causes a Tree Collapse, Call Our Team as Soon as Possible.

If you are hit with a roof crisis, you know you are required to act swiftly to secure the remainder of your home from further damage. To defend your roof and your home, contact our team at Innovative Construction Pros, LLC/Innovative Roofing Pros, LLC for dependable emergency roof repair in Auburn and Montgomery, AL and the surrounding areas. We are the local roof professionals this community can depend on, and we’re committed to supplying reliable roofing services of all types. If you require any roof services from repair to installations, give us a ring at 855-529-7663!

Types Of Roof Emergencies

Roofs are susceptible to many types of damages, but many of the calls we receive originate from storm damage. Storms batter your roofing with a list of different damages, including major winds as well as hail. Another common roofing emergency is when critters create holes or burrows in a client’s roof.

Nests and food stores left by animals can leave you open to leaking or wood rot. Our crew can assist with all of your emergency roof repair situations, and we are committed to providing affordable and dependable roof services. Call our team today and find out how we can help you with emergency roof repair in Auburn and Montgomery, AL and the nearby areas!

Emergency Roof Repair

Wind-Torn Shingles

Shingles Can Be Blown Off by Extreme Wind Too. Call Our Team for Your Roofing Emergencies.

When you give us a call for emergency roof repair, our inspector hurries over and immediately evaluates your roof for all signs of damage. There are plenty of ways to handle a roof emergency, and our crew will decide which solution is ideal for your home. As a general expectation, debris removal will happen first, then the harmed areas will be covered with tarping.

Emergency damage is often covered by your house insurance, so we work hard to provide you with an in-depth damage assessment that will help you with your claims. No matter the kind of roof emergencies your roofing is exposed to, you have a crew of experienced roofing experts on hand.  For assistance with damage or indications of leaks, give our crew a ring at 855-529-7663 and request our emergency services.