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Roof damage Insurance claims

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Montgomery, AL roof damage insurance claims aid is just a call away for your property! Dealing with the possibility of filing roof damage insurance claims can be intense and bewildering. Because filing is exasperating, you may be skeptical of what to file and if the damage is sufficient for filing. This means that hail and storm damage can be left unfixed or allow for more damage as you scrutinize what is valid for your insurance claim. At Innovative Construction Pros, we are your roof damage insurance claims experts.

To assist you in assessing your roof once the storm has moved on, we offer thorough roofing inspection services. Our roofers illuminate your options for roofing system repair after a complete inspection of your roofing system for all damage. Roof damage insurance claims may be the advisable step if the damage is substantial enough. Our damage report can aid as part of your documentation when you are cooperating with your insurance company for resolution. When the time comes for repairs and replacements, our team is on hand to get your roofing back to its best. To set in motion your roof damage insurance claims today, contact us at 334-274-8485!

Process of Roofing Claims

An inspections from your roofing company can actually be very beneficial to you during your roof damage insurance claims process. The first time you speak with an insurance adjuster will be setting a date for the adjuster’s inspection. Your roof insurance claims adjuster will assess all the damage in order to make a report which indicates what repairs are needed. Having proof from a roofing contractor’s inspection will let you know all of the present damage before the adjuster comes out and doubles as additional paperwork for filing.

Send in the roof system inspection report with your filing documentation to your insurance adjuster. You may also want to send in any before and after photos you may have of your roofing as visible evidence. When completed, your adjuster will use their evaluation and create a damage report that is sent to you. They will also post a first check for your roof repairs. This may be followed up at a later date or after roof system repair once they get an invoice.

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Roof Hail Damage Insurance

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Roofing contractors from Innovative Construction Pros are certified specialists who aid you with your roof damage insurance claims and roof repair. We assist you in navigate the nerve-wrecking situation and offer service for you no matter where you are in the procedure.

No matter what step of the roofing process, we always make sure you are informed and that your requirements are met in order to assure your satisfaction. Dial (334) 274-8485 for Innovative Construction Pros to start on your roof damage insurance claims in Auburn and Montgomery, AL or the surrounding area today.