Roof Restoration VS Roof Replacement

Roof Restoraiton

Should You Replace or Restore Your Commercial Roof?

When it comes to commercial roofing, we all understand that quality is the key to longevity. Proper maintenance and care can lead to a long lifespan for your commercial roof. However, everything falls victim to age, including the best-kept roofs. so when your roof is faced with the wear and tear of age, what should you do? You can choose to replace your roof, which is a viable choice if you’d prefer a new style or type of roof, or you can restore the roof you already have. Today we will discuss the varying benefits of both roof replacements and roof restorations.

Roof Replacements

If you have a traditional single ply roof membrane that has reached the end of it’s service life, and you would like to upgrade to a metal roofing option, a roof replacement is the ideal option. For instance, a metal roof system can last upwards of 50 years on your roof and provide a myriad of benefits for your building, such as less maintenance and potential tax breaks. In fact, specialty commercial roofs such as metal can add to the value of your property, as well as the appeal that draws potential clients in, depending on your kind of business. The downsides of total roof replacement are the initial expense and the environmental impact. Removing the previous roof is time consuming and expensive, and most single ply roof materials can last in landfills for hundreds of years.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is the far less expensive option of the two, though it only extends the life of the roof by about 10 years. However, it can be re-coated again and again, extending the lifespan by about 10 years each time. Roof coatings also provide simple damage repair, and are generally applied directly over your existing roof. These coatings are also very energy efficient, and can help keep your building cooler through hot summer months.

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