How To Tell If You Have Wind Damage On Your Roof

Has your home recently experienced a big storm in the area? Rain and hail are usually the biggest culprits of damage to roofing, but wind can also be a serious threat to your roof. Even when rain or hail hasn’t hurt your home, there is still the possibility that severe winds have. Below are tips to tell if you have wind damage on your roof.

Check Your Roof

Wind Damage to Shingles

Find Out if You Have Wind Damage on Your Roof by Following These Tips.

If you are comfortable getting on your roof, the first step you should take is to assess your roof’s condition. missing, broken, or damaged shingles are a huge indication that the storm that passed through produced a lot of wind damage on your roof. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on your roof, call an expert roofing contractor.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

If you don’t want to get on your roof but you want to know if the wind has damaged your roof, there are things you can look for on the outside of your home that can make it easier to tell if you have wind damage on your roof. Check your gutters, the fascia, the soffit, roof flashing, and chimney. You can use a ladder or try to observe from the ground if there are cracks or other damages to these areas.

Signs of Debris

Usually, when there are strong winds during a storm, the aftermath will include debris such as roof shingles, tree branches, or other materials of your home in your yard. If the wind blew off tree branches and your roofing, it’s a good bet that you might have roof damage.

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