Why You Should Get A Built Up Roof

built up roofing

Built Up Roofing is An Affordable Yet Durable Commercial Roofing System

You’ve probably seen a built up roof before. They are the most popular flat roofing system and are frequently seen on schools, hospitals, and office building roofs. Created in the 1800s, built up roofs have proved their durability over the centuries. Built up roof installation is so prevalent because of the many benefits it provides. For example, they are the cheapest roofing system for commercial roofs. Built up roofs, or BURs, go great with flat roofs and provide plenty of extra storage space to place your Fedders HVAC systems. If you are wanting built up roofing installation in Montgomery, AL, call Innovative Construction Pros at 855-529-7663 today.

Advantages of Built Up Roofing

  • Affordable: Made of fiberglass, asphalt, and tar, which are all cost effective materials, built up roofing is a budget friendly roofing solution for commercial building owners.
  • Can Walk on It: The majority of roofs are not sturdy enough to walk on. Other flat roofs like single ply will break under the hundreds of pounds of multiple roofers working on it. Because of the multiple layer of tar and asphalt, BUR roofs are thick and strong.
  • Energy Efficient: While not as reflective as cool roofs, built up roofing does provide some level of UV protection.
  • Easy Repairs and Replacements: Built up roofs are layers of felt and tar, so when it comes time for repairs, all one has to do it remove the damaged layer and replace it. If replacing the whole roof, it is easy to take off.
  • Handles HVAC and High Heats: Built up roofing can maintain the weight and heat of multiple HVAC units on its surface.